Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Race and the digital's conversation does not stop here.

Addie, as mentioned by Arturo and Ashley, your blog was great and creative! I especially like how you set up your reading summary, breaking down important sections and including keywords whose definitions were definitely helpful.

We live in an era where participation offline and online are equally important. They are the two platforms where individuals live, where they socialize and where they notify others of events that occur. As Ashley shared, the DREAMers movement and its impact may have not been as large were it not for social media. It is not rocket science to really understand why; simply put, social media allows people to be in contact with each other regardless of their location, thus a large network can be created to support such a movement.

I like to think I am an activist; the classes I have taken so far at UCLA motivate me to think like one. Unfortunately, I have not yet been a part of a movement, though I have intentions to do so in the future. I think of myself as a "behind-the-scenes" activist, following organizations and public figures on social media, liking/sharing/reposting their work and posts (giving them their due credit of course), and definitely telling my friends and family about them. These are again important steps people take to spread the word about a movement (potentially making it successful and well-known) as you mentioned in your blog. I try to assist in doing just that, a step I see as a crucial part of being an activist.

On an end note, I think that every individual should take the time to see "Made in L.A." and read "Underground, Undergrads". Both marvelous works of how people's voices and joining together as one can get things done. Even though this is our final blog, it really is the beginning of us (hopefully) continuing to spread the word on how matters that affect race can definitely be spread and fought against using digital resources. We are all activists; what we do today may impact the world we live in tomorrow.

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