Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Public Narrative-Public Opinion

I liked the compartmentalization of your blog, it made it easy to navigate and understand.
To answer one of your questions: Have I become involved in any movement?
I would like to say that I am involved in the larger immigrant rights movement in the U.S. (with an emphasis on the Latino population). From an academic point of view, a lot of my studies and research have centered on various components of immigration (and immigration policy). I've studied it from a political/legislative point of view, an economic point of view, as well as in historical, cultural, sociological ways and even in the context of the modern wave of globalization (as well as nationally, of course). It is important, I believe, to understand the topics of given movements in depth and from various disciplines/perspectives, so that the work around it and the proposed solutions can take into account a wider and more holistic picture of the core. Furthermore, my career goals align with this movement. I am working towards becoming an immigration attorney. Even though attorneys cannot change the law they work under, having personal and academic knowledge of the [for example] immigration movement, allows them to help the people within the current state of policy.
Finally-in terms of social media and the DREAMER movement. I definitely don't think the movement would have been the same without it. The internet (especially) provided a new platform, a new space for these people to exercise their leadership and mold their movement with widespread support and the potential for mass dispersion. The DREAMERS themselves were able to create a collective identity that shaped the public narrative and consequently public opinion, which led to policy changes.

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