Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

More than just education

You made some very interesting points throughout your blog and you posed some very thought-provoking questions! In response to your first question, I believe that education is only part of the solution to bridging the digital divide between the privileged and under-privileged. One of the primary barriers to broadband service adoption in communities such as those found in Native American reservations is the lack of understanding and skills needed for individuals to confidently navigate and use information communication technologies (ICTs). This barrier can of course be solved through education aimed at developing individuals’ proficiency of ICTs. Another major barrier that cannot be necessarily solved through education however, is affordability, which is a concern mentioned in both the Comcast Newsmaker video and Sandvig’s article. This barrier requires more policy initiatives, which can help reduce the cost of providing infrastructure to low-income groups and communities. The help of allies can also be useful to bridging the digital divide by providing not only funding and a "helping hand" but also expertise which can be used to teach individuals and groups.

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