Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Intersectionality blooms in transmedia platforms

first of all, I agree with everyone here! I love how you added the key terms for us and how well organized everything was. It was understandable and easy to read, great job!

would the DREAMers movement been as successful as it was without the social media aspect?

Lets refer back to Arturo's blog of Hashtag Ethnography and Digital protest. In his analysis he pointed out two great pros about hashtags and social media. Social media allows you to post something as it's happening. I mean look at the new feature on Facebook. Facebook live literally lets you be live at any given point as long as you're connected and it saves right after. It's great documentation that can be shared countless of times. We live in an age of technology and social media has become a large chunk of everyone's life. For people to know you have to put it out there. I think the DREAMers movement is able to keep thriving with the help of social media. Social media helps to educate those without any information hoping to learn more or to help those who happen to find the media on accident but help spread the movement. I agree with Arturo's comment, I do believe that social media activism helped put a face on the movement. With the negative stigma on immigrants it is really something different to think of them as a faceless group to knowing separate stories and realizing their struggles. Social media is helping most people stay continuously educated on the movement .

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