Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies


I honestly enjoyed your blog. It was informative, personal, and used great sources/images.

At my city college, I was a part of a new program called Promise Pathways. This program was for incoming students who were the first to attend college, and it guaranteed the students partaking in it to transfer to a 4 year university with aid and support along the way. After my first year at the city college, I then joined a program that allowed me to help newer students joining the program. The program also allowed me to act as a mentor to the incoming students, and let me share my story with them as well as hear theirs. I switched roles within a year from a mentee to a mentor. It was an inspiring and life changing time for me. I'm not sure it that counts as activism, however, but nonethless it was an amazing program that helped first generation college students.

I honestly think that the movement wouldn't have been strong without social media. I think social media and any other new media really helped spread the stories of the undocumented students. Life is hectic and spotlights on certain issues is really helpful to the general population to pay attention to. Sometimes we need guidance with what our attnetion should be centered on.

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