Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Bridging the gap

First of all I love the design of your blog!
Going off about what Addie and Ashley wrote, it truly is a shame that women and minorities can work twice as hard and not receive the same recognition. Earlier this quarter I meet a computer science major and I told him one of my friends was in the major. He responded with, " Is she a girl? I can literally count the amount of girls in the major with my hands." It led me to think about the lack of female presence.
The options they recommended seems like it could work. However, not every child with a mentor will stick through with engineering or STEM programs. While I do see the positive outcome there could be with programs I don't like the idea of teaching them how important math and science it. I think students know it's important but putting too much emphasis could stress a child into thinking math and science is the only route to go. Personally this is what happened with me and I later learned I did not want to go this route. It took me a long time to accept it was ok not to go this route. While it can open many possibilities, programs to increase representation should be thought out well. That is my only critique about it.

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