Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Beyond the Skin

In order to attain social justice and equal treatment for women, it would be ideal for unity among women of all colors. But the sad reality is that people place too much focus on the color of someone's skin in order to decide what should be done. Feminists want to be equally treated like their male counterparts. However, women of color feminists such as Chicanas have a broader and inclusive agenda. Chicanas strive for equal treatment because they are women and of color. I recall from a previous Chicano Studies class either 10a/10b, during the civil rights movement Chicanas were marginalized from the groups they belonged too. Chicanas needs weren't taking into consideration nor were they deemed worthy. For example, with the Chicano group, Chicanas were seen as taking away the attention from la causa, and with Feminist groups, equality was more important than the stopping the further mistreatment of women of color. The bottom line is, race will always play a factor because it's there. But because someone is hispanic or black or white doesn't signify that women can't come together. Women must understand and look past the color of their skin to seek to be equally treated as a white man.

The white name generator was a very important an eye opening website. People who are privileged don't really understand how the non-privileged face numerous obstacles to be successful. That's why I believe this generator makes a great point in emphasizing who is most likely to make it in present day society simply because of who they are  and not what they have to offer. Again, race plays a critical issue in determining who is favored. I think this can connect with Ebony's blog, about Native Americans and internet because it shows how others have to fight for equal treatment when others are given the opportunities to triumph.

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