Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Activism: at my social media best

I do follow digital activist pages on multiple social media platforms, i.e twitter, facebook, tumblr., and youtube. I interact with these medias by sharing the content they create. I do this because I feel I am doing my part in educating any of my followers. People are constantly scrolling through feed, and I feel that any image, video, or message that I share will touch home for some folks. From experience, many of my friends/ followers like the content that I share. I know this because they continue on to like the content, leave a message, or even share it on so more people are able to see it. I think this is important because it generates conversations and even allows for people to become aware and conscious of injustices that are still happening today in the world.

On the social media pages, I do try and leave my opinion when prompted. I do this to offer my perspective, which is often different from some of the other people who post. In fact, in some feminist pages I tend to leave a chicana perspective so that white people are exposed to what a person of color feels/ experiences. Since social media is such a big part of everyone's world now, I feel that people should involved themselves in sharing their voice in the web world.

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