The Prague Spring Archive


Searching can be applied to both the entire community and to individual boxes or folders. The texts of the documents, which were made searchable by automated OCR (optical character reading), are searchable along with the metadata attached to the items. Boolean operators are accepted by the search function.

To search the entire community, use the search bar on the community's homepage:
To search an individual box, simply navigate to the box's page and enter your search terms in the search bar under "Search within this collection." To search in a specific folder, enter your search terms in the community's or box's search bar, then click "Show Advanced Filters." You can now select "Subject," "Equals," and then enter the appropriate box and folder numbers for your search. So, for example, if you wanted to search "Hayek" in Box 179, Folder 7, you would enter the subject as "Box 179 Folder 7" in addition to your search term. You can add additional filters with the "+" sign to the right of the box where you enter your initial filter.

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