The Prague Spring Archive

Box and Folder Structure

The structure of the Prague Spring files in Texas ScholarWorks preserves the original organization of the physical archives as much as is possible. To this end, the files are classified by the archival box numbers their physical antecedents are housed in. To see the boxes we have digitized and uploaded to Texas ScholarWorks, search for "Prague Spring" in the search bar on the repository's home page (as indicated in the picture on the right)...
...then click the link titled Prague Spring under the "Communities or Collections matching your query" heading. This will allow you to view the boxes we have made available in the repository up to this point.
The archival boxes in the repository are further broken down into folders. To view the folders in a box, first click the box link from the collection's home page...

...then click the "Subjects" tab to see clickable links to documents in a given folder. 

You can also navigate boxes, folders, or the entire repository by author name, the date the document was issued, document titles, or Library of Congress subject headings attached to the document.

Please click the link below for information on the presentation of document-level information.

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