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An Archive of Song

In addition to the thousands of photogravure images captured by Curtis, he made over 10,000 wax cylinder recordings of Indian language, ritual, and music. The wax cylinders are held by a number of different collectors and archives and are a particularly fragile recording media.

The recordings included here were obtained from the University of Indiana, Bloomington's Archives of Traditional Music. The collection was founded in 1936 at Columbia University and moved to the University of Indiana in 1948. The Catalog of Phonorecording of Music and Oral Data Held by the Archives of Traditional Music (GK Hall, 1977) has a complete listing of the holdings up to publication date.

Where possible, we have included transcripts of the recordings. Please note that the audio files require Flash player and have not been optimized to reduce either background or media noise. Wax cylinders are a notoriously fragile medium and the files we have here reflect their age and condition.

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