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Acknowledgements and Project Information

This project has the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, without which none of our work could have gone forward. 
We would also like to thank our source archives  - the University of Indiana, Bloomington's Archives of Traditional Music, Northwestern University, the Digital Public Library of America, The Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, and the Honnold-Mudd Library Special Collections - for permissions to use their metadata, digital resources, and archival expertise. Their willingness to open up their collections and share existing work have made this project possible. 
Our project was particularly concerned to understand the complexities of working with material that was potentially subject to both U.S. copyright laws and those of over 100 different tribes. While Curtis' images are in the public domain under U.S. law, we needed to understand more about how a full fledged project could and should engage with tribal members. Our thanks to Duane Champagne (UCLA), Wendy G Teeter (UCLA), Pamela Grieman (UCLA), and Nicole Talamantes (UCLA) for their thoughtful advice on consultation with tribes.
Digital Humanities projects are very often the product of collaboration between faculty and both technical and library staff; our project is no different. In Claremont, we owe thanks to Sam Kome (Research and Development Librarian), Allegra Swift (Digital Initiatives Librarian), Lisa Crane (Western Americana Librarian, Special Collections), Chris Jones (Digital Production Librarian), and Gabriel Jaramillo (Digital Specialist), Nasir Hakeem (Sr. Network and Operations Administrator), Falak Ali (Director of Information Technology, Service and Operations), and Kathy Trcopan (Administrative Assistant). Thanks are due as well to our faculty contributors, Ken Gonzales-Day (Scripps College), YouYoung Kang (Scripps College), Cheryl Walker (Scripps College) and Bill Anthes (Pitzer College).  Stephan Schonberg was our technical consultant on the project - we could have done very little of this without his work.
We were also able to take advantage of the wonderful DH community in Southern California and owe special thanks to Erik Loyer and Tara McPherson for working with us on the experiment Scalar interface. Finally, we've consulted many of the areas scholars and area specialists, special thanks are due to Zoe Borovsky (UCLA) and Johanna Drucker (UCLA).

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