Reclaiming Ohi:yo'- Restoring the Altered Landscape of the Beautiful River

The Religious Society of Friends

The Religious Society of Friends is a Christian religious organization whose members are commonly known as Quakers. We have had a relationship with the Religious Society of Friends since the treaty-making era that continues to this day. 

During the Kinzua Era (1956-1966) the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends allied with our Seneca people to protest the building of the dam. In many of the photographs found within this exhibit, you will find references to the Society of Friends and their contributions to our Seneca people.

Members of the Society of Friends, such as Walter Taylor, Bob Haines, and Ted Hetzel, worked with the Seneca Nation throughout the legal proceedings, helped with negotiating the boundaries of the proposed resettlement areas for our Seneca people, and published materials intended to bring awareness and educate its readers about the alternative flood control plan to Kinzua.


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