Reclaiming Ohi:yo'- Restoring the Altered Landscape of the Beautiful River

President to President Correspondence

Seneca Nation Presidents during the Kinzua Era (1956-1966) were involved in a public media campaign to stop the loss of our lands. Seneca Nation President Basil Williams wrote to U.S. President John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy wrote back on August 9th, 1961. This is his reply.

The Merrill Bowen Letter

The Seneca people living on the Seneca Nation's Allegany Territory were not the only ones directly affected by building Kinzua. The Cornplanter Grant located in Pennsylvania was also inundated, leaving Chief Cornplanter's heirs without their communities, their homes, their land.  In 1963, Merrill Bowen, the Cornplanter Indian Landowners Corporation, wrote a public appeal to President Kennedy asking for help relocating the Cornplanter Cemetery and Monument. 

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