Reclaiming Ohi:yo'- Restoring the Altered Landscape of the Beautiful River

Seneca Nation Fish and Wildlife Department

The Seneca Nation Fish and Wildlife Department is tasked with the enforcement aspects of all Seneca Nation laws and regulations. Our Seneca Nation Fish and Wildlife Officers perform daily road and boat patrols and manage programs that would protect, enhance, and monitor our wildlife species, such as eaglet bandings, paddlefish introductory and monitoring, and gilt darter reintroductions.

The Nation's Fish and Wildlife Department engages in restoration and resiliency projects related to Ohi:yo'. Many of these projects involve animal species that our Seneca people consider to be culturally important, such as the Dewënigöh ​ and the Walleye.

One of the major resiliency projects that our Seneca people are involved in is restoring the Dewënigöh (Hellbender Giant Salamander) population in Ohi:yo'.  Dewënigöh  is the largest North American Salamander and are only found in the drainages of Ohi:yo' and the Susquehanna River. Fish and Wildlife operates a Hellbender Rearing Facility, in which they rear Dewënigöh and release juveniles back into our river.  

In addition to the Dewënigöh ​ restoration project, the Nation's Fish and Wildlife Department is also involved in projects involving rearing and releasing blandings turtles, endangered freshwater mussels, and stocking walleye.

For more information about the Seneca Nation's Fish and Wildlife Department, visit their website or their Facebook page Seneca Nation Conservation - Fish & Wildlife.

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