Reclaiming Ohi:yo'- Restoring the Altered Landscape of the Beautiful River

Fighting for the Water: Fracking Wastewater in Ohi:yo'

In 2016 the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) began deliberating a 1,000-barrel/day of unconventional gas drilling wastewater (Frack Wastewater) disposal facility in Potter County proposed by Epiphany Allegheny LLC. Potter county, Pennsylvania has been engaging in unconventional gas drilling with companies, such as JKLM Energy, particularly in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. The proposed project would not require the waste treatment plant to monitor for radioactive materials or chemicals used for fracking; the wastewater produced from fracking process is well known to be radioactive. 

In June of 2017 the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority began reviewing the a plan proposed by Epiphany Allegheny LLC to discharge fracking wastewater into Ohi:yo'.  Ohi:yo'  travels north from Coudersport, Pennsylvania and into the state of New York, flowing through our Seneca people's land and the Seneca Nation's Allegany Territory. In addition, many non-Native communities would also be affected. 

In response to the news of these fracking plans, our Seneca people again fought for our people, our communities, and our Ohi:yo'. 

In April of 2018 the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority unanimously resolved to terminate its connection to Epiphany Environmental LLC. 

On May 12, 2018 the Seneca Nation Council passed a resolution to ban unconventional gas drilling, any disposal, storage, or treatment of unconventional gas drilling byproducts, and transportation of unconventional gas drilling byproducts by any means through  and on Nation lands. 


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