Theory in a Digital Age: A Project of English 483 Students, Coastal Carolina University

Step One: Assign Signifiers

In the text, “Pieces of Herself,” there are multiple connotations when experiencing the signifiers signified. The signifiers in this case being: the outlined doll present in each space, the objects the reader drags from each space to fill the doll, and the space itself. Three signifiers at play, with each one having primary and secondary connotations of its own. Using visible and invisible layering, Davis allows the reader to become interactive with the game, creating the physicality of the reader.  N. Katherine Hayles presents the idea of the reader being a part of the co-authorship of a text in her article, “Print is Flat, Code is Deep.” Once the reader is a part of the physicality of the text, it is then the reader’s duty to “reconceptualize materiality as the interplay between a text’s physical characteristics and its signifying strategies” (Hayles 3).

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