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Sleep Dealer

“Sleep Dealer” is a film produced by Alex Rivera. Memo, the protagonist, likes to create things by hand, but this time it is a listening device that he is able to use a code to hack into a military server. Soon, he put his family in danger because a military drone received the coordinates to Memo’s home. The danger of the day wasn’t what Memo was doing, but the fact they miscalculated who the person was and killed Memo’s dad.  Memo left home to find work to help out his family knowing his mom needed the help. When he first entered the new city, Tijuana, Mexico, he was staying at a random place until Luz, the woman on the bus, met up with him and invited him into her home. As he walked through the streets of Tijuana, Memo is introduced with this new technology called nodes. They sold this technology off the black market, which wasn't the safest way to receive them. Nodes are basic neurotransmitters that enter the body and connect to machinery for work and social aspects. This is where he received nodes to connect to a company called "Sleep Dealer." Luz carefully inserted these nodes into Memo's body and got him a job at Sleep Dealer. This company uses these nodes to connect to a machine to a virtual reality that works on buildings. Using Memo as the human behind these robots, he loses touch of the truth and the way life is around him by surrounding his-self with nothing but work. All the money he earns is sent to his family back home in Santa Ana Del Rio, Mexico.


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