Theory in a Digital Age: A Project of English 483 Students, Coastal Carolina University

Conclusion to Sleep Dealer

  In conclusion, digital labor is becoming a form of machinery to humans. It is diminishing the human value and the emotions of the human mind and body through robots. "Sleep Dealer" was the essential example of digital labor because it showed the viewer the harmful ways in which labor is becoming virtual. The body is no longer in control of itself because of nodes, and the mind is lost in the contraption of virtual reality. Seeing as virtual reality has given new life to humans and work, digital labor is the new wave, and no one is able to stop it. The human mind is going to be under attack of robotic beings because the use of labor is accomplishing more work than actual man. Nodes are the commodity fetish that led to humanity being taken over by robots to do more labor for the United States. In "Sleep Dealer", men and women have nodes to connect to a virtual reality and are treated like machines. Money has become a high value of society due to the amount people out of jobs, and this film is a prime example of humans becoming robots to pay the bills. No matter the cost of human life, mankind is willing to do whatever it takes to destroy their humanity for technology.


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