Scalar 2 User's Guide

New Page Editor

Scalar’s new page editor features a streamlined design that groups editing tasks into tabs.

Layout Tab

The Layout tab provides schematics and descriptions for each of Scalar’s layout types, with instructions on how to make the most of their features.

Relationships Tab

The Relationships tab breaks down a page’s connections to other content in the book by type, while providing a quick summary of how many links of each type are in play.

Styling Tab

The Styling tab groups together elements that customize how a page is presented, from the page’s key image (used in the Image Header and Splash layouts) to background images, audio, as well as custom CSS  and JavaScript. The custom CSS section has been further enhanced with the addition of pre-defined code snippets for achieving often-requested effects like grouping media with their source paragraphs.

Metadata Tab

The Metadata tab centralizes editing of a page’s most intricate details.

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