Scalar 2 User's Guide

Additional Page Layouts

In an effort to create a more beautiful, readable, and versatile user experience, we’ve added a number of new and often-requested layout options, and retired others. "Media views” ("Text emphasis," "Split emphasis," "Media emphasis," and "Media per paragraph") have been eliminated, and in their place we now allow authors to make more granular choices regarding the size, placement and description of individual media objects on a page (see the prior section, New Focus on Media).

In addition, we've added layout options that offer new ways to increase the visual impact of your books with image headers, splash pages and two types of media galleries, as well as options for mapping geotagged content and a "Blank Slate" layout for experimental uses. The new layouts include:

Image Header Layout

In the Image Header layout, the page's "key" image (a new styling option) is shown as a header, with the title and description of the page overlaid.

Splash Layout

In the Splash layout, the page's "key" image is shown full screen, with the page's title at the bottom. If the page is part of a path or is itself a path, a navigation button is shown as well.

Media Gallery Layout

In the Media Gallery layout, media referenced, contained or tagged by the page are compiled into a full width gallery just below the page's title.

Structured Media Gallery Layout

In the Structured Media Gallery layout, media contained, tagged, or linked up to two levels deep are grouped into titled galleries of thumbnails which reveal the media in a larger view when clicked.

Google Map Layout

The Google Map layout plots the current page plus any geotagged content it contains or tags on a Google Map embedded at the top of the page. Each pin shown on the map reveals the title, description, and link for its content when clicked.

Blank Slate Layout

The Blank Slate layout removes the page's title, footer, margins, linked media, and navigation to make room for your content. Ideal for full screen embedded media or alternative interfaces.

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