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Story Maps

Story Maps is a free, online platform enabling users to create rich informational environments in which interactive maps are linked to responsive multimedia panels. Users can choose between a number of different templates or "apps." For example, Story Map Tour presents a sequential, place-based narrative in the form of a series of geotagged photos and captions linked to an interactive map; Story Map Journal lets one create a compelling map-based narrative presented as a set of journal entries; and Story Map Swipe displays either two separate web maps or two layers of a single web map in order to compare one map with another. There are many others to choose from.

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Neatline, hailed as a "geotemporal exhibit-builder," allows users to plot and annotate artifacts (letters, photographs, paintings; any visual material) on maps as well as link particular views of those maps (and thus artifacts) to events in a timeline. Neatline is perfect for creating a narrative sequence of geo-referenced events supported by user-accessible artifactual evidence.

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