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TimelineJS is a Javascript and CSS based tool for creating media-rich, interactive timelines. While more of a tool kit than a platform, TimelineJS is incredibly easy to use. Using TimelineJS' sample Google spreadsheet, one simply adds dates, text and links to media into appropriate columns. Links to media can include video (Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion), audio, images (Flickr), Google Maps, Google+ status updates and even Twitter posts. Once you've saved the Google spreadsheet and made it public, simply copy and paste the spreadsheet's URL into TimelineJS' generator and then use the iframe embed code it produces.

Click here to see how to embed TimelineJS or other third party material into a Scalar page.


Tiki-Toki is a web-based platform which allows users to create visually striking timelines. Users can add video clips, images, audio, hyperlinks, and RSS feeds. Users also have the freedom to customize the overall look and feel of the timeline by adding color and an image to the background as well as choosing a layout and color scheme. While one can create one Tiki-Toki timeline with a free account, a paid account is required to embed your timeline into a website (you can read their FAQ here).

Click here to see how to embed a Tiki-Toki timeline or other third party material into a Scalar page.

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