Scalar 2 User's Guide

Developing a Media Strategy

Scalar makes it easy to quickly start bringing media into your book and working with it. You can import from a variety of sources, reference, embed, and annotate to your heart's content, and we've spent a lot of effort in making all of Scalar's supported media types compatible with as many of the supported platforms as possible. There are exceptions and caveats, however, and if you're working with a large collection of media, media in a variety of formats, or need to ensure that your book will be accessible on specific platforms, then developing a strategy for the media in your book is essential. Writing a Scalar book makes you a publisher, and as such the responsibility for making sure the work you publish is as accessible as possible falls on you.

Every book has its own unique media requirements, but a solid media strategy will answer the same four questions no matter what the book. In this path, we'll tackle each of these questions in turn.

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