Scalar 2 User's Guide

Blank Slate Layout

The Blank Slate layout removes the page's title, footer, margins, linked media, and navigation to make room for your content.

This layout is ideal for displaying full screen media or embedding alternative interfaces. To display full screen media, simply insert a media object in the page editor as an "Inline Scalar media link" (see
Adding inline media to a page), set the video to display "Full" in the media formatting options and then select the Blank Slate layout. To embed alternative interfaces -mapping platforms, data visualizations, timelines, video games- the best option is to use the iframe feature in combination with the Blank Slate layout. To insert an iframe within a Scalar page, select the globe icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar. Once in the iframe formatting options, type or paste in the url to the content you'd like displayed in the URL field and set the width to "100%." Finally, select the Blank Slate layout.

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