California State University Japanese American Digitization Project: An Exhibit


Case of Gordon Hirabayashi, 1942 (CSUDH)

The case of Gordon Hirabayashi is laid out in this pamphlet by the Gordon Hirabayashi Defense Committee. Gordon Hirabayashi, an American citizen born and raised in Seattle refused to register during the time of the Japanese American mass removal, insisting it was against his civil liberties.

Report on Manzanar Protests, 1942 (SJS)

A report on unrest and discrimination within the Manzanar incarceration camp describing the presence of two different ideologies in the camp with the Nisei wanting to assimilate into American life and the Issei and Kibei beginning to act more "pro-Japan." The report also offers suggestions for creating a "Pro-America Community" within the WRA program.

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