California State University Japanese American Digitization Project: An Exhibit


Civil Exclusion Order no. 32, 1942 (SJS)

This Broadside instructed Japanese American residents in the City of Los Angeles' southeast section (near downtown Little Tokyo),  that they will not be permitted to travel, take up, or change residence prior to May 9, 1942 and to prepare for evacuation by that date to a Civil Control Office in the area. Residents failing to comply with the Civil Exclusion Order would be subject to criminal penalties and immediately apprehended and interned. The Notice also instructs "responsible family members" to report to the Civil Control Office on May 4 or May 5 for further instruction.

Japanese Evacuation Program, 1943

The color-coded map shows regions in Military Areas I and II where Japanese American residents were evacuated to the corresponding Temporary Assembly Centers (and four permanent Incarceration Camps). Also included are the evacuation orders for each region and more detailed views of major metropolitan areas: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. Explanatory note: This is number II of a series of three maps. It shows the locations of 15 temporary assembly centers and 4 of the more permanent relocation centers. Evacuees were directly moved into the centers shown. Those who were taken directly to relocation centers remained there. The others were sheltered in assembly centers pending transfer to interior relocation centers under construction by the army. The color scheme of this map is designed to show the center destination of the persons evacuated from each exclusion area.


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