California State University Japanese American Digitization Project: An Exhibit

Departure for Camps

Luggage, 1942 (SJS)

A photograph of evacuees registering their baggage prior to departure from the Santa Anita Assembly Center to incarceration camps distributed across seven states. Caption on the photo album page reads: "Transfer of the evacuees from the Assembly Centers to War Relocation Centers was conducted by the Army. Train lists were made up so that families would not be separated and in most instances, groups associated by residential location were assigned to the same camp.



Departing Letter, 1942 (CSUN)

Letter from Jane Harino of the Santa Anita Assembly Center to Rev. Miller in which the author states she is going to Jerome, Arkansas rather than to Granada, which is a change that pleases her because "there's a certain someone in Jerome - We're both so very happy". The letter also asks if Rev. Miller can help her by bringing some boxes to the Housing office.

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