California State University Japanese American Digitization Project: An Exhibit


Assemby, 1942 from "First Rohwer Reunion" (CSUDH)

Train arrival with Japanese American evacuees met by armed soldiers at the Santa Anita Assembly Center in Arcadia, California.

Caravan, circa 1942 (SAC)

Loaded trucks containing the belongings of incarcerees.

Registration and Processing, 1942

Photograph of the registration and processing of Japanese Americans at Santa Anita, California Assembly Center in 1942. The caption on the photograph album page reads: "On arrival at assembly centers, the evacuees were directed to registrars, who had the individual and family files before them registered in and assigned to quarters; given identification buttons and escorted to quarters. Photo shows a registration and processing scene at Santa Anita (California) Assembly Center."

Canceled Lease, 1942

Canceled Lease #9 between Carson Estate Company and Momoo Mochizuki with a hand-written note that reads "cancelled 4-6-42, tenant evacuated by U.S. Gov't." referring to the mass removal ("evacuation") of persons of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast as directed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Executive Order 9066.


Pledging Allegiance, 1942

Evacuees continued to live their lives as normally as possible despite extraordinarily challenging circumstances. Here, a photograph of a graduation ceremony at Santa Anita Assembly Center with students pledging allegiance to the flag.


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