Coors Boycott: The Influence of the Chicano Movement

Support on Coors' Side

Coors' public relations (PR), put out into Colorado communities by way of newspapers, advertisements, official statements, interviews, etc., have largely been collected by those involved in the Coors Boycott.

When fighting against the Coors Beer Company and Coors family, Chicano activists made sure to collect as much information on the progress of the Coors Beer Company and the Coors family as they did on the progress of the boycott. It is the public PR collected by individuals such as Colorado's own Freddie "Freak" Trujillo that help keep straight the record of Adolf Coors Company's statements made and positions held throughout the duration of the boycott. 

Not only was positive self PR an effective tool in order for the Coors business to assert their innocence, and diminish bad publicity and bad public opinion, but so was their several dealings at local levels.The Coors family would work with local Colorado groups and boards in an effort to build strong relationships and combat the stigma brought onto their company from the boycott.

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