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Such analytic reinterpretations take a series of narrative events and explore them for greater understanding of causality, significance, or even basic comprehension and can be pursued via various media forms. For instance, Breaking Bad’s next-to-last episode of season four, “End Times,” raised the enigma of who was responsible for poisoning a child; a fan took to YouTube to offer an interpretation of the narrative events to (correctly) argue that Walter White was responsible, piecing together scenes from the episode that provide clues and evidence that proved what would only be revealed in the next episode. Such analytic abstractions and reinterpretations function as sites of forensic fandom discussed more later, enabling viewers to make greater sense of or propose new explanations for the narrative events beyond chronology and recapitulation, a tendency we can see even more acutely in analyses of The Sopranos’ finale, as discussed in chapter 10.

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