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Asian Migration and Global Cities

Anne Cong-Huyen, Jonathan Young Banfill, Katherine Herrera, Samantha Ching, Natalie Yip, Thania Lucero, Randy Mai, Candice Lau, Authors
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Tokyo Maps

This official map1 of Tokyo includes some of Tokyo's highways, hospitals and tourist attractions. It shows that Tokyo attracts tourists and is a well developed city. Its museums, shopping malls, airports, and hotels shows that Tokyo is a great place for tourists. They show that there are things to do, great places to stay at, and an efficient way to get to Tokyo. The universities, museums, hospitals, and roads shows that Tokyo is a well developed city and many of its people are educated. As mentioned in the introduction, Martin Prosperity Institute gave Tokyo an "A" in talent (which shows the education of global cities). The museums shows that Tokyo has a great amount of history. Although this is a tourist map, it is important for people to remember that Tokyo does have people residing and working which is a big part of how people perceive Tokyo. This tourist map also lacks the popular tourist destinations such as the Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine, the Tokyo Imperial Palace, Tokyo Disneyland, and the Edo Castle.

This map outlines some of the major cities neighboring/making up Tokyo. This shows what a large city Tokyo is. Some cities may be far from another but it is very easy to get around from one place to another. Transportation in Tokyo is very efficient and the subway has stops all over these cities. Tourists and locals can get to and from places very easily. The subway4 and train is what connects Tokyo together. Because the cost of living in Tokyo is so expensive, people use the train and subway to get around. Taking public transportation saves a lot of money. Having a car in Tokyo is extremely costly especially with the tolls and highways. Tokyo is known for its electronics. Having a smartphone, like an iPhone, is very beneficial when relying on public transportation. People use it for GPS and the train apps that helps them use the trains in Tokyo3. In addition to that, having a smartphone can kill time during train rides. People can play games and use social media during their train rides.

This map shows many things that makes Tokyo a global city. It shows the major corporations, universities, apartments, the airport and train station. It shows places for both locals and tourists. Everything is very close to each other and the train and subway stations help people get around. These large corporations show that Tokyo is a global city that does business in other countries and recruits foreigners. These corporations as pointed out in the map, are well known all over the world. These corporations produce electronics, which makes Tokyo a well-developed and modern city. It makes Tokyo well known for technology and electronics. People all over the world use electronics everyday such as Televisions, cameras, and cars that came from a company in Tokyo. Companies such as  Sony, Casio, and Toyota are well known all over the world. This shows how successful Japanese companies are. Foreign investment is a huge part of Japanese companies since Japan is such a small country yet it has so many successful and well known companies.
Showing the universities, just like the first map, demonstrates the high level of education in Tokyo. Keio University and the University of Tokyo are great universities in Japan. By showing universities, foreigners may look into studying in Tokyo. Showing Tokyo University of Science demonstrates that science and technology is very important in Tokyo.
The apartment pointed out in the map shows that people do live in Tokyo, though many commuters live in neighboring prefectures. Apartments are popular in Tokyo since space is limited and must accommodate to such a large population.
The Narita International Airport serves Tokyo and as a connecting point between Asia and the Americas. It handles all of the international flights in Tokyo2. This makes Tokyo a popular city where people are constantly traveling to and from. Tokyo can be a popular destination for businessmen since many Americans travel to Asia for business and vice versa.
This map also shows the popular tourist attractions. Showing these destinations can attract foreigners to come to Tokyo. It shows what Tokyo has to offer and the popular things to do and go to in Tokyo. These tourist attractions represents Tokyo and its culture. The shrine represents the popular religion of Japan/Tokyo and Disneyland shows that Tokyo can be a kid/family friendly city. The Tokyo Tower represents Tokyo since it is the most famous landmark in Tokyo.

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