Writing With Substance: You Can Haz it! SRSLY!

Reading and Writing: Assignment 5

In this assignment, you'll work on an important skill: integrating what you read into what you write.

Some folks (including but not limited to the authors of They Say / I Say) refer to this skill as making a "quote sandwich." You can find an instructive set of slides here, for instance, though they focus primarily on quotations from literary works. If you like this metaphor and find it useful, that's great. Please don't make me have to tell you that your top bun is missing.  

In this assignment, I want to see what you already know about integrating quotations by asking you to incorporate direct quotations from material we've read into your prose; you must attempt to do so without introducing grammatical or mechanical errors. 
  1. Review the reading you completed for Assignment 1
  2. Review any assigned reading on your syllabus, and the quotations you recorded for Assignment 2.
  3. Now write a short Narrative Bibliography in the spirit of Ta-Nehisi Coates' "Home is Where the Hatred Is" that describes how your understanding of data and privacy has been informed by what we've read. You may paraphrase and summarize what you've read (remember that even those require citations) in places, but you must use at least four direct quotations from the assigned readings. You may also discuss your notes on the film and class discussions.
  4. Save your draft to your university Googledocs or desktop so that it will be accessible to you in class. Then upload it at the submission link for Assignment 5 on Blackboard. You will be revising this document in class, but you must have a full draft uploaded/completed prior to our meeting.  

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