Transboundary E-waste

From Networks to Locations

This visualization enables users to understand where the servers hosting the meta-actors webpage(s) identified in the web corpus are located geographically (click here to read the procedure used to develop the visualization). Clicking on any of the pins in the map will launch additional information about the selected actor, including the ability to visit the webpage of the actor.  Users who wish to launch the map in a separate widow can click here.

The map below illustrates a stark uneven geography of webpages associated with the transboundary e-waste issue. For example, only three such websites are hosted on the entire continent of Africa. What this means is that a typical user of (the Canadian based version of the search engine) is very unlikely to come across representations of the transboundary e-waste problem originating in Africa, even when written in English. Despite the attention to locations such as Agbogbloshie in Accra, Ghana or the city of Lagos, Nigeria, no websites hosted in those countries appear in the corpus. The geographies illustrated here paint a very stark picture of who speaks for whom with respect to transboundary shipments of e-waste.


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