Transboundary E-waste

From Debates to Actors II: Who makes what statements on the web?

We used a procedure to help us identify points of disagreement between actors. Quotations identified in that procedure were then visualized using the DebateGraph platform. The DebateGraph visualization below helps to disaggregate meta-actors into specific actors and their statements traced on the web. Users can access the graph below, but will likely find it more convenient to view the graph in full in a separate window.

Note that the selected view is only one among several ways of viewing the relationship between specific actors and statements. We recommend accessing the graph in the separate window and using a combination of zoom in/out together with the "Details" and "Outline" tabs available near the top right of the DebateGraph screen for this graph. The "Details" tab will show specific quotes, the actors who make those statements, and the URL at which the quote can be found (note: URLs are dynamic and may have changed or ceased to work since being identified for this project).

The four most prominent issues over which actors disagree are:Using the DebateGraph platform users can explore the relationships between individual actors and issues. Use the "Details" tab to see quotations from source URLs used to determine the position of given actors relative to given issues. Use the "Options" > "Edge Labels" > "Show" to make labels visible (with mouse over) for arrows connecting actors and issues.


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