Transboundary E-waste

Mapping the controversy on the scholarly web.

The number of scholarly papers published on e-waste has grown dramatically over time. A recent search using the Scopus database identified over 3,000 references with the words "electronic waste" or "e-waste" in their title, abstract, or keywords.

To develop a corpus of scholarly documents for this controversy map we accessed the Scopus database and created title, abstract, and keyword search queries for the following combinations of terms that matched those we used to build the corpus of URLs in our search of the web:
These search queries resulted in a corpus comprise of 456 distinct references comprised of titles, abstracts, and keywords. The number of publications per year matching these searches mirror the overall growth of the e-waste literature (see figure below).

The corpus 456 distinct references in this controversy map comprises over 159,000 words. This path traces a synopsis through these references.

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