The Story of the Stuff: Issues in Temporary Memorial Preservation

The Resident

Yolie Moreno, Newtown resident, was so moved by the letters she felt compelled to save them. She gathered up a group of volunteers and began the ambitious project to photograph each and every letter sent to Newtown. This endeavor started at the town hall but later expanded to a donated storefront, dubbed the Newtown Healing Arts Center, which operated in the spring and early summer of 2013, for a total of six months.
Her project culminated in a website of photographs of the letters, called Embracing Newtown.

"The project, really is about sharing love. It's not so much a project of archiving and documenting and historical documents. 


I consider this, and then the space that we hold doing this project as standing in love. Love came to us and we're spreading it out again and just sharing it with everyone in the world."

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