Rebooting Electronic Literature: Documenting Pre-Web Born Digital Media

Social Media for Judy Malloy's "its name was Penelope"

The social media component changed slightly with the Live Stream Traversal of Malloy's its name was Penelope due to Grigar's participation as the Traversal's performer. The rest of the event unfolded as the previous ones did: The undergraduate researchers had notes from Grigar's research on hand to feed content into the social media conversations; and they took photographs, mixing in prepared research on the work and its criticism with observations, comments, and interactions with other participants. Schiller stepped in to moderate the live YouTube chat and the moderation of the question and answer session. After the event Schiller prepared the screen captures of the YouTube Chat. Because Storify had ceased to exist by this date, readers of this chapter will not find one for this Traversal.

We used three locations on Facebook to post for this event: 1) the site Grigar set up in 2013 for the Pathfinders project, entitled "elitpathfinders,"  with 245 followers, 2) the Electronic Literature Organization's page with over 1600 members, and 3) Grigar's personal site. ELL Team members with a Facebook page also posted to their personal sites. 

The first two posts we put on Facebook, introduced the event to the general public on the day of the event.

The next three post introduced the performer and offered information about the author of its name was Penelope.

This post announces to the Facebook audience that the Traversal is live.

The next few Facebook posts share background information on its name was Penelope

The following posts detail how the work was made and offer scholarly sources to seek more information.

The last two posts conclude the live Traversal by announcing the Q&A portion and thanking the author for participating.

We used two accounts to tweet this live traversal: 1)ELL Team Member Veronica Whitney, with over 175 members and 2) Nicholas Schiller's account, with 2,200 followers. Whitney was in charge of posting and reposting on Twitter during the event. The hashtag we used was #elitpathfinders, the same hashtag developed for the original Pathfinders project.

The first posts offer the Electronic Literature Lab's work as a source of information to those tuning into the Traversal. 

The next four posts announce that the Traversal will begin shortly while offering a link to the live stream performance. 

The next two posts share information regarding the production of its name was Penelope. 

The following posts offer background information on its name was Penelope.

YouTube Chat
Our YouTube channel gathers a lot of eyeballs during the broadcast of a live streamed Traversal. Since everyone participating live who is not in ELL must use YouTube to take part in our conversation, the chat feature of YouTube is a natural home for conversations about the Traversal. We have captured the transcript of this conversation at the following link.


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