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Resources for Judy Malloy's "its name was Penelope"

This section includes photos, links to additional materials, and bibliographical information about Judy Malloy's its name was Penelope. Some of this information comes from the author herself, some from the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, and the rest from general research.

An Image from the 1989 Installation of its name was Penelope
A collection of 61 small paintings and pencil drawings of the 61 lexias that Malloy pinned on the wall as a backdrop for the 1989 exhibition, "Revealing Conversations," held at Richmond Art Center, CA on October 3 to November 19, 1989. Malloy considered this work as an "unbound codex" (Malloy, email, 30 April 2018). This image was given to Grigar by Malloy to include in this book.

Link to the DOSBox emulation of its name was Penelope
This is a link to the downloadable files for the DOSBox emulation of the work created under the auspices the Critical Code Studies Working Group 2016 from January 18 to Feb 14, 2016. Note that it is a zip file that requires some set up in order to use. Malloy refers to this version as the Scholar's Version. The page providing directions for set up are here

Photos from the DOSBox Emulation of its name was Penelope
These are four screen captures from its name was Penelope that Judy Malloy sent to Grigar for inclusion in the book:
  1. The "Title Page" is the first screen from the DOSBox emulation that includes the program from which Malloy created the emulation
  2. "The Invocation" is the opening screen of the work that appears the "Title Screen"
  3. "At Sea" is the section that offers the menu for numerous episodes that occur in the narrator's adult life
  4. "Fine Work" is the lexia numbered 314 from the work and is one of the lexias included in the section, "At Sea"


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