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Mary-Kim Arnold's "Lust"

Mary-Kim Arnold's Biography

From Mary-Kim Arnold: "Mary-Kim Arnold is a poet, writer, and visual artist. She is author of Litany for the Long Moment, which won the 2016 Essay Press Prize, and co-editor of the anthology Mixed Korean: Our Stories. Other writings have appeared in Hyperallergic, The Georgia Review, The Rumpus, and elsewhere. She teaches in Brown University’s Nonfiction Writing Program, and offers community workshops through Frequency Writers in Providence. She received the 2017 Fellowship in Fiction from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts for Nine Men’s Misery, her novel in progress. She serves on the Advisory Board for The Rumpus, where she edits the occasional column, "Multitudes," a partnership with VONA/Voices of Our Nation Arts. She co-chairs the Board of Directors for the feminist art collective, the Dirt Palace. Adopted from Korea and raised in New York, she lives in Rhode Island with her husband and children." Her most recent book is entitled Litany for the Long Moment, published by Essay Press, a book that "interweaves personal documents, images, and critical texts as a means to examine longing, loss, and identity."
Versions of "Lust"

✭Version 1.0: Published in 1994 on a 3 1/2-inch floppy disk with Mary-Kim Arnold’s "Lust" in The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext Volume 1, Number 2

✭Version 2.0: Published in 1998 on CD-ROM

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