Raging Boy

Press Conference at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

On June 16th, Shannon Briggs moderated a press conference and Q&A for KSI, Deji, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul. It went off the rails pretty quick.
Notable Moments:
  • The video starts when Logan Paul (LP) is about to walk out, as this video comes from his channel.
    • Worth noting that LP enters at 00:25 to Pepper Spray by Dawin, not one of his own songs.
    • LP then proceeds to immediately (00:49) confront KSI, asking, "Are you ready?"
  • 2:08: After taunting and staring down KSI, LP finally takes his seat. As he does, Jake Paul (JP) yells "Walmart!"
    • This is in reference to an earlier comment regarding Deji's "cheap-ass merch." The Paul brothers continue to associate their full suits with a different level of class than KSI and Deji's self-advertising merchandise, especially KSI's bandanna. 
  • 3:49: KSI opens the first official question with, "Fuck the Pauls!" Deji soon repeats this, followed by both Paul brothers.
  • 4:20: KSI: "This is your hometown, I expected [a hostile crowd.]" LP: "We're from Ohio, Bro."
    • This is something the Paul Brothers continually hold on to: they are from Ohio.
  • 4:44: "You know what? I'm gonna roast him. Forget the questions, Bro." -KSI
    • This is the moment where this Q&A finally loses any semblance of order. No further questions were asked or answered.
  • 6:43: KSI begins giving gifts, including stuffed figures from the film Toy Story that match the hat LP wore in Aokigahara. LP responds in turn with toilet paper patterned with KSI's face. This begs the question: was there ever going to be a Q&A?
  • 9:13: "What the fuck happened in January?... I'm about to end that shit real quick" -KSI
    • This is referring to the incident in Aokigahara and seems to position KSI as a corrective force. He is, after all, the YouTube champion.
  • 10:18: "You don't belong in Los Angeles. You don't belong in Hollywood" -LP
    • Even though the Pauls are from Ohio, they belong in LA more than the British YouTubers. Following the same trend as the "Walmart!" chant earlier.
  • 11:05: In the moment from the thumbnail, KSI puts on a blonde wig to imitate Logan's reaction to the fight.
    • This action operates on so many levels, but turns out to be a prop to help KSI imitate LP's apology video
    • An extended altercation begins shortly thereafter, with delegations from both sides rushing the stage.
  • 15:04: "You're talking a lot about January, not a lot about August." -LP
    • Once again, LP is focusing on his redemption, not his past.

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