Raging Boy

Logan Paul Uploads "We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest..."

While exploring Aokigahara, Japan for a vlog, Logan Paul and his team found the cadaver of a man who had hanged himself. While his team's response in the moment is a moral gray area (people respond differently to trauma), these individuals chose to upload the footage onto YouTube. This page is possibly redundant in my timeline, considering that its only purpose to my project is to introduce a problematic inciting incident. I will not be showing or speaking of this video more than is absolutely necessary throughout my project because my goal is not to prove to you how shitty Logan Paul is. I know my audience (friends, classmates, maybe a professor or two) enough to not examine a truth that you are already convinced of. However, in taking advantage of the young man's death, Paul has also taken control over a string of identities not his own.

I do not want to extend his control.

You are stronger than them, and never alone.

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