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Mapping the commons of Rio de Janeiro

Mapping the commons of Rio de Janeiro was organized as part of the course Networks, Maps, Games in 2013 at the School of Communication. Rio de Janeiro, a city branded as “the marvellous city” has probably some of the most exuberant assets for both natural and cultural commons in the world. Those commons are disputed in a metropolis of enormous inequality, which has the biggest slavery hub in the second part of 19th century and it is historically under state of exception.

The activity took place in a period when the city was going to host mega events as the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Conflicts relating to housing evictions flourished in many areas. The so called "jornadas de Junho" protests emerged relating to the rise of  pointed to the mobility as a common and the right to the city. This scenario opened an excellent opportunity for a political discussion on the urban commons.

The methodology and aims of the activity was the same one used in previous Mapping the Commons workshops in Athens and Istanbul. The workshop participants included undergraduate students, who worked in groups to produce a bunch of texts and videos on urban commons including topics such as Cinelandia square, mobility issues, grassroots assemblies and child imaginary.

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