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Post-City Lab

The “Post‑City Lab” project was a collaboration between Ars Electronica and the Korean artist hub  ZER01NE. For three days, It gathered an interdisciplinary group of international and local artists, scientists and activists in June 2018.

I coordinated the Post-desertification group together with amazing fellows Eric Dahlstrom, Kilian Kleinschmidt, Dakd Jung, Byoungil Choi and Hwang Moonjung. We did field work in remote locations and restricted spaces across the metropolitan area.

Research questions were quite techno-Ballardian: What kind of challenges do we see in deserted spaces, spaces without owners or caretakers? How could technology change deserted spaces into spaces with an agenda and function for it ́s citizens?EHow could post-desertification look like, what could be the meaning of such a space?

The locations we visited included a (No Man’s Land) island in the Han River, an abandoned automobile testing factory, a decadent electronic goods shopping area, the Song-Do district and a secret bunker recently discovered and converted into an art gallery.

Every evening, we had a workshop to curate the collected data, upload it immediately to a web-based CMS and thus made them available to the other teams, and finally show it in a multi-touch projection mapping device in the form of a table and a projection screen.

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