Paradoxes & Praxis: The 21st Century Imperative for Educational Foundations


I am Katie, and my roles as a undergraduate student and then a graduate school Teaching Assistant (TA), complicated the ways I experienced the Foundations of Education class. As both a student and TA, I came to class with an identity similar to the majority of the people in my class; female, white, and under the age of twenty-five. I was complacent in my life and my journey was not one of questions. I was concerned with things that were the most apparent to me, I rarely questioned how I came to know the things that were so familiar. This class shattered my worldview, turning almost everything I knew into uncertainty. The readings, conversations, and challenges (writing assignments) showed me the way I live matters--to all humans, in various ways. In some ways, the bubble of privilege I lived in was destroyed, opening a broader world. This class was about more than teaching. It was about knowing and realizing the ways that I knew was privileged. It helped me question my core being. I moved from knowing Truth, and thinking about Theory with capital Ts as absolutes, to understanding multiple truths and theories.

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