Network Ecologies

Displacement Paths Introduction

This essay is intended to introduce the reader to geometric representations of action and space. The first section begins with a formal use of projective geometry in painting, with a particular emphasis on my own use of affine geometry and the differential spaces it maps. From there I turn my attention to ideas regarding bodily actions and gestures in the formation of spatial intelligence, as described by Jean Piaget and illustrated in his and Barbel Elizabeth Inhelder’s studies of children’s drawings from the 1950s. Throughout these writings I hope to build a discussion about various visual and gestural constructions of spatial comprehension.

The reader is not restricted to follow these points in any particular order (though doing so may position the content of thoughts more soundly). Each section will have links provided suggesting a next section, as well as others to provided throughout the writing to connect a reader to supportive materials accessible elsewhere online. I do not wish to be incomprehensible in my thoughts, but I want you to roam freely. And so, if you wish, please continue on to the next section of my work and a discussion about painting, or, if you prefer, begin with any link provided along the path.

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