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Miles Morales View Of His own Diversity

In the 3rd issue of Spider-man Miles best friend, Ganke show's him a video of a girl freaking out about footage that revealed Spider-man's race. She freaks out how exciting the Marvel world is now with diversity, Miles doesn't see his race as an issue in the following page. He only get bothered with it when he addresses how his race shouldn't be an issue and how he doesnt want that as his tittle. She's missing a basic fact that Miles is half Puerto Rican as well, He only wants to be addressed as Spider-man not the "Black Spider-man". Miles is great role model by showing and taking a stand saying that race shouldn't be and issue and race shouldn't be addressed as a title in identifying super heroes. His character even takes the stand to quit the Avengers with his fellow teammates Nova and Ms. Marvel, who both give empowerment to their race. Nova, Sam Alexander is Latino  and Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan a Muslim woman who take pride in their own races, enough so that they create there own team to fix there world as The Champions .

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