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Transcript “Henry V  Trailer”

Heledd Gwynn: You never quite know where a scene is going to go.

Melody Brown: It’s dark. (Laughter)

Corey Montague-Sholay: It’s super ambiguous in the best possible ways.

Elizabeth Freestone: It’s a more unfamiliar play to us than we think.

Ben Hall: Yeah. Complicated (Laughs).

Narrator: They’re humans, both sides.

Gwynn: Even in battle, people need jokes. And games. And human contact.

Brown: We’re asked a lot of questions of what it means to win a war.

Hall: Just because you’re in a place of power doesn’t mean that you are right and can power corrupt you.

Montague-Sholay: I get why people think he’s incredible, and I also get why some people would question his decisions.

Brown: He’s not the patriotic hero that we expect. He can be cruel.

Hall: Is is possible to be a good person and also be a king?

Gwynn: It’s hard sometimes because sometimes I see him and he’s very likable. And that’s not...and that’s not fair.

Freestone: With Katherine and Henry, we watched them go through their own, but very similar, struggles.

Gwynn: Katherine and the Dauphin are one in this vision, so Katherine is the heir to the throne. She is a soldier, so she isn’t staying at home, knitting, just waiting to hear what happens, trying to learn a bit of English. She is there. And fighting for it herself.

Hall: He goes on such an interesting journey of responsibility and what that means. And still kind of comes out at the end, not knowing whether it’s right. Which is completely terrifying. (Laughter)