Focus on "Henry V":

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Study Questions

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Henry V: A Guide to Early Print Editions by Daniel Yabut

What are some of the differences between Q1 and F1? List at least 3. 

Visit the Facsimile of one Folio. How is it different than a present-day book? 

Source Study and Historiography in Shakespeare's Henry V by Mikaela LaFave

Follow the link to one source and write a short response using one example from the text to compare source and play. 

Pistol and Monsieur Lefer: An Anglo-French Encounter by Charlène Cruxent

Cruxent's essay discusses a scene that talks about stereotypes and foreigners. What sorts of stereotypes have you encountered in your own life?

Today, our language still feminizes land as "Mother Earth." Read Annette Kolodny's "Unearthing Herstory" and consider the ways in which language still feminizes land. Using Kolodny's essay as a guide, what does this say about our relationship with the land?
Annette Kolodny. "Unearthing Herstory" in The Ecocriticism Reader: Landmarks in Literary Ecology, edited by Cheryll Glotfelty and Harold Fromm. Athens: UGA Press, 1996. 170-181.

Making & Unmaking National Identity: Race & Ethnicity in Shakespeare's Henry V by Nora Galland

In what way does being in the United States make being Southern an ethnicity?  

Which groups of people are made to feel marginalized where you live? 

What kinds of languages are marginal in the place where you live? 

Galland characterizes language styles or idiolects of the characters in the Captains’ scene. Identify a speaking or language style for characters in other scenes.

Henry V Onstage: From the Falklands War to Brexit (1986-2018) by Janice Valls-Russell

Have you seen a production/live theater? If you have, write a review of it. If not, go see one in your local area and write a review of it. 

The Problematic Reception of Henry V in France: A Case Study by Florence March

Which aspects of Henry V make it problematic for you? How would you perform or stage Henry V to overcome these challenges?  

Henry's Popular Afterlives by Philip Gilreath

Aside from martial action, how else is identity constituted in the play? 

Where else have you encountered the underdog speech, whether specific citations to King Henry’s rousing speeches or otherwise?  

What sort of transformative effect does popular culture have on Shakespeare? Does popular culture recode or reshape your understanding of Shakespeare?  

What kind of a leader is King Henry V?

How Henry V's Chorus Changes the Play Text through Olivier's Film by Julia Koslowsky

How can you extend Koslowsky's approach to films beyond Olivier's? Consider films like those by Kenneth Branagh or The Hollow Crown? Does her thesis extend to these films as well?


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