Scalar 2 User's Guide

Radial Visualization

The radial visualization displays all content in the book as a double ring with arcs color-coded by content type. The inner ring displays each piece of content as a separate arc, while the outer ring collects content into groups by type. Rolling over or clicking the arc for a piece of content reveals its relationships to other pieces of content in the book via connecting curves.

Clicking an arc in the outer ring will cause it to expand so its contents can be more clearly viewed. Clicking an arc in the inner ring selects it, keeping its relationships visible even when rolling over other content, allowing multiple sets of relationships to be viewed simultaneously. If the visualization is accessed from a specific page of the book, that page is selected by default when the visualization first appears. To deselect an arc, simply click it again.

Clicking an item's title or double-clicking a arc in the inner ring will open the associated content (page or media file).

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